Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Three-year-old battered by girl, 2

MUMS are demanding a two-year-old girl — dubbed 'Chucky' after the evil toddler in the horror film Child's Play — be expelled after she battered 11 children at a NURSERY.

One of her victim's Katie Ann Guttridge, three, suffered scratches, a damaged eye socket and three BITE marks on her face after the crazed youngster attacked her during play time.

Cops were called in to investigate the assault but are powerless to act because the girl is below the age of criminal responsibility which is ten in the UK.

Katie's horrified parents are now demanding their daughter's attacker, who we are not naming, is booted out of Ratby Pre-School Nursery in Leicester after the attack on December 13.    Read More

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  1. I first saw this picture on facebook, the story behind it on facebook was people were assumed this little girl was abused and I was completely sicked because this little girl could be an identical twin to my 3 yr old and my heart went out to her...I searched to see if I could find the story behind the picture and now that I learned she was not abused but was attacked and obviously has very loving parents, I feel better although being attacked by another child is quite alarming and the parents of that child should also be placed responsible for their child's behavior being violent at the age of 2 is a learned behavior or she must have some serious mental issues that need to be addressed.