Friday, 4 May 2012

Revealed: Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin's playboy lifestyle of supermodels, flashy cars and Singapore's most exclusive clubs

On May 18, Facebook's long-awaited share flotation is expected to go ahead - and few will likely be happier with the news than original investor and co-founder, Eduardo Saverin. 

Mr Saverin, 30, was friends with Mark Zuckerberg when they attended Harvard in 2004 and originally invested in the social network.  

The move left Saverin, who comes from a wealthy Brazilian family, with an estimated $2billion fortune, according to Forbes.

However despite a substantial boost in their collective fortune from the IPO, Saverin will unlikely celebrate with Zuckerberg and the former friends from his college posse. 

Saverin began with a one-third stake in the company which was watered down when Zuckerberg began bringing others on board.                Full Read

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